Invitation to NGOs to Express Their Opinion on Future Calls/Tenders through a Survey

The accession of Croatia to the EU has opened up the possibility of using grants of the countries of the European Economic Area and the Kingdom of Norway. Since 1994, the Kingdom of Norway, the Principality of Lichtenstein and Iceland have financed projects in EEA member states in order to reduce social and economic disparities within the community, and to strengthen bilateral relations between member states.

Civil society support is one of the key priorities of the EEA/Norway Fund. The programme of the NGO Fund in Croatia will have the overall objective of strengthening civil society and enhancing the contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development. This highlights the significance of NGOs as important stakeholders in creating a healthy and stable democracy, building an inclusive society, and helping vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion, discrimination and inequality.

The National Foundation for Civil Society Development was chosen to be the operator of the EEA/NF in Croatia for the area of civil society. The stakeholders involved in the procedure of creating this financing system concluded that before public calls and tenders are launched, NGOs have to be included and asked for their opinion on the content of the soon to be published tenders. Therefore we invite all NGOs to express their views and opinions on future calls/tenders through a survey, in order to enable both donors and the National Foundation as the operator to have clearer insight into the needs of the civil society.

A public debate on the obtained results will be held at a meeting that will gather NGOs, representatives of the donor states and of the National Foundation, in order to prepare the Programme of the NGO Fund in Croatia in the best possible way.

The deadline for participation in the internet consultations is 28 March 2014.