After announcing the results of the Open Call for proposals “Democracy and Human Rights”, published within the EEA and Norway grants, an appeal was received from the applicant, requesting an explanation of the scores achieved through the evaluation process. Following the analysis of the individual applications’ evaluation, it has been realised that two of the evaluators – by accidental mistake – failed to assess four applications in one of the categories of the prepared evaluation table. Three out of those four applications didn’t reach enough points to be accepted, even after the additional assessment, but the application of GONG scored as first.

Taking into consideration the fact that this accidental mistake by the evaluators is an (in)direct responsibility of the National Foundation, the fact that the available funds for this individual Call for proposals, entitled “Democracy and Human Rights”, was already exhausted by granted amounts, but also the fact that the financial support to the project “Enough With The Hatred!” proposed by GONG that set on the first place of the table having the highest score, needs to be granted from the same source of funds –  the EEA and Norway grants, a joint decision was made by the Donor and the National Foundation’s Management Board to support the mentioned project from the Management fee of the EEA and Norway NGO Programme in Croatia.