Action Programme “What makes us all equal,” we conducted the following activities, setting info stand in front of the department store in Kutina where we distributed leaflets and inform citizens on the implementation of the civil action. Citizens were presented to the aims and activities of the action. The implementation of the three animation-educational workshops in primary schools from 1st to 4th grade, some of which are participants and Roma children through animation workshops tolerance and understanding “get to know each better,” animation combating hate speech “Hate speech divides” and animations on the joint construction the future “Our common tomorrow” additional education on the acceptance of diversity, combating hate speech and human rights.

All three primary schools are actively involved in the implementation of the actions of animation workshops and landscaping school by planting ornamental plants and flowers. Action we spent painting the wall at the elementary school Vladimir Vidrić were gathering our target groups of pupils and students of Roma, volunteers of the Association Challenge and citizens of Kutina. After conducting this action has remained a visible mark in the form of drawings. Responded to a large number of children and thereby showed solidarity and unity with the Roma children. We believe it is achieved successful integration of the Roma minority in the social local community in Kutina. Upon completion of the painting on the wall of the elementary school Vladimir Vidrića set a bulletin board to place its actions “common step” that lists the participants in the integration of the Roma minority in Kutina and in this way there was an event that contributed to the development of tolerance, combating hate speech and learning human rights.

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