Civil action “Today movie exclusive, tomorrow equal society is not elusive” was implemented in the City of Koprivnica and Koprivnicko- krizevacka county in 6 primary schools attended by 526 students from 1st to 8th grade. The overall implementation of the project involved six volunteers who through their work, free time and persistence, contributed to the successful implementation of all planned activities.

The results show that the students have developed their awareness of social relationship and roles. This method which encourages the integration of children with developmental difficulties in regular primary and secondary schools was greated by the parents, since in this process it can been seen that children and adolescents with typical development often do not know how to behave or feel uncomfortable in the presence of children with developmental difficulties or people with disabilities. Therefore, the importance of continued work with children and youth of typical population is of utmost importance. It turned out that teachers and expert associates are trying in their curricula to include inclusive facilities, wich results in positive thinking of students and rarely more acceptable reflection than the adult members of society. However, it was concluded that professional help and support is needed in this process.

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