Civic action “Sexism, sexism everywhere” was aimed at increasing the sensitivity of young adults and citizens for gender equality, promotion of democratic values and promotion of human rights. The aim was to sensitize the citizens recognition of sexism. In the first phase of the project, billboards were placed with examples of sexism, which was followed by a public action at the cetnral square in Porec. Through informative leaflets citizens were given information about sexism and how it contributes to gender inequality. In addition, an online campaign was set up, in which all were invited to send their examples of sexism in social networks.

Altogether 146 high school students were given information about sexism and its aftermath. 10 volunteers have recognized the importance of action and decided to devote their spare time to promoting gender equality, to talk with fellow citizens and put sexism on the agenda. The public was informed about the campaign through the media and social networks.