The goal of “Small bank” is to encourage social solidarity in the community through the donation of baby equipment to families in need. Action includes parents of children who are attending kindergartens and schools in the city of Rijeka, but also children themselves (collecting and bringing donations to kindergarten and school), which is in this way brought up in a spirit of solidarity. This includes education and the fight against discrimination, and various forms of xenophobia present in today’s society.

The target groups are families affected by addiction, violence, enduring imprisonment and families at risk of poverty. The project includes 22 volunteers, of which 59% of the volunteers are members of the target groups. Such coverage volunteer group allowed us to indirectly influence the leap from anti- Semitism in activism among our users. Social participation of local society in this action is expressed through a number of donor-citizens (1350), the number of employees of institutions (68) who participated in fundraising (schools (3) and kindergartens (31).

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