Human Library in Action against Prejudice started with finding members of vulnerable groups (LGBT, Roma people, persons with disability, homeless persons, national minority members etc.) to participate in the action as “human books”. 18 volunteers were educated to participate in the Human Library and 2 Human Library activities were held: one with 25 students at the Opatija Grammar School, and another at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, which included 112 students and members of the public.

The action contributed to the empowerment of the members of vulnerable groups and raising awareness among visitors, who were given the chance to talk to the “books” and find out about difficulties and discrimination they face in everyday life. Collaboration with 7 CSOs was strengthened. The public was informed about the importance of the action and the issues of marginalized groups by 23 media releases and 6 announcements on the LORI webpage; 8546 Facebook users saw the ad.

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