The idea for the campaign, “Be in, be nice on the internet” emerged as a result of the reflection on how to protect children and youth from the daily dangers that are hidden on the Internet. The goal was to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights and at the same time to encourage children and young people from 7 to 18 years to think actively on the subject. By participating in workshops on Internet violence, they have learned about the rules of safe use of the Internet and what they can do for themselves and others for protection.

During the two-month period, 4 workshops were carried out in order to reflected on one of the main problems of the digital age: security on the Internet. Workshops on topics: “How to use the Internet”, “What rules do we need to know”, “What can I do for myself and others” and “What remains online and where” gave a good persepctive to the participants about the use of the Internet.

In order to complete the two-month cycle devoted to the protection of children and young people of the dangers in the world of the Internet, leaflets were prepared with the rules of behavior on the Internet. Children were informed on how to protect themselves and people in their environment and how to report violence on the Internet. Leaflets were distributed while marking the International Day of child victims of violence. Finnaly, participants of the action were given certificates of their participation in the workshops.