Through the reconstruction of local courts in the rural community Podbrežje near Ozalj which is a gathering of all the residents of this small rural community the action was aimed at fighting against social exclusion and inequality in rural areas. Citizens were informed about the action but also the opportunities offered to them through organized volunteering.

This was presented by the head of the local volunteer center through two workshops – for children / young people and older. After mobilization, volunteer action renewal courses were organized, which led to the cleaning action of the field, then the renewal of the fence in the playground, landscaping goals and adaptation of existing benches and tables. In this way a space for socializing was created. Local artist Zoran Hajko organized a workshop of creative imaging field wall on the sidelines and tables and benches. After the renewal courses and local content organized a final public event. For this purpose, members of the Women’s handball team Colapis Ozalj and Taekwondo club members Ozalj were mobilized and presented the sport for children and pointed out to them the importance of sports.

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