Civic Action “Corner happier aging” for older persons from the City of Požega helped to solve issues based on insufficient information about the older population in their rights and posibilitis.Target of civil action  was getting to know the older population with the concept of the protection of  their fundamental human rights and the exercise of rights, opportunities and services provided to them in their community. There has been held interactive workshops and  it was produced brochures in a way to distribute them to seniors of City of Požega. It was held 10 workshops in the field of safety and security of older persons, property rights and the exercise of rights from the social welfare system, and it was divided 1500 copies of the Guide for the elderly which includes all the services and activities provided to  senior citizens of the City of Požega. The action  enabled equipment for the space  that serves as a sort of information center and a place to obtain information on the provision of various existing and new institutional forms of care for the  elderly population.

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