Through this civic action numerous activities were implemented involving different citizen structures like women, children and youth, persons with developmental challenges and seniors. Through solidarity and imputs to strengthen individuals a contribution was made to active citizenship, and social action as well as the involvement of vulnerable groups in the local community were improved. With the implementation of public actions we successfully cooperated with local organizations and institutions hence strengthening intersectoral collaboration and networking. The visibility of the organization’s work was improved through the implementation of public actions, which also emphasized voluntary action of a large number of young people and joined partners, all of it greatly contributing to the strengthening and development of social capital.
The indicators following the results achieved are: 14 events organized, 610 direct participants and cca 700 indirect participants resulting in an enhanced visibility in the local community. Beside that, volunteers and employees of EHVU participated in public events that offered opportunities for cooperation and networking with other organizations and institutions from Vukovar.

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