The action featured activities planned to emphasize the relevance of communication, cooperation, exchange of knowledge and skills, but also to invite participants to “hang out” and get to know each other.

Through mutual engagement of the organizations in the project, members of the organizations of civil society (OCS) and the young involved in the project learned how to communicate and work with a partner.
The project respected “peer to peer” principle by allowing a valuable exchange of informal knowledge in informal conditions.
The action responded to the problems of the local community (namely, the issue of too few young people volunteering or generally engaged in the work of OCS) by connecting the young with the representatives of the OCS.
This also benefited the development of the OCS by engaging them in efficient work with their target users, and therefore contributing to the long-term goal of raising the standard of their services and programs in accordance with the needs of the mentioned users.
Active engagement of the young in organizations of civil society allows for the organizations’ better involvement in the society, because it entails creating new relations, expansion of their social network, gathering of new knowledge and skills – all of which has been achieved with this Action.

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