Action Cheerful Nook of the Association New World was aimed at decorating and furnishing rooms for play and learning in the Child Caring Institution Vrbina, Sisak.  In the action participated 4 employees of the Association and 11 volunteers.
Preparatory work was held in April, as was calls for citizens to be involved in the action, meetings, purchase  of didactic equipment, toys, books, computer, cushions, cleaning  and dressing the corner sofa, making desk and shelves.
At the end of May, they held a press conference, where results were presented of this project to the public. On the same day they held an educational workshop for the residents of the newly-renovated space in which was installed a new computer and didactic equipment. After this, together they took a walk through the city and had lunch.
The action had excellent response in the public, as well as in social networks, and was also covered by all local media, around 1000 promotional flyers were distributed and around 50 T-shirts for volunteers and residents of the home have been  printed.
Special value of Cheerful Nook is that after the end of the campaign,  newly renovated space will be used by residents of the Child Caring Institution Vrbina, Sisak.

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