Youth and children in Plaški now have a space where they can spend quality free time and engage in non formal learning and entertainment activities. The fact that it has been fixed up by children, youth and adults in the community in a joint voluntary work action makes it thier pride. The needed funding to cover material costs was secured from EEA and Norway Grants. It was all possible due to good cooperation with the local authorities and support from a parther organisation which also provided volunteers for the ‘’fix up’’ activitiy. The new space was immediately  used for workshops that enabled development of creativity and learning about recycling and renewable sources of energy. It comprised decoupague, photo and solar panel construcion workshops. Partners and other associates in this local action have been inspired to cooperate in future activities tailored for children, youth and others in this small community. Children and youth in Plaški have been empowered by this new opportunity to take part in creating options for their own growth and the growth of their community by strengthening  its social capiatal and by taking part in activities that develop  and contribute to solidarity. As a result children and youth in Plaški are now less worse off in comparison to thier peers in rural Croatia and other parts of the EU comminity. Slobodna škola, the promotor of this action is now commited to continue working on community developmet projects and especially those addressing the needs of  youth and children, as well as of other vulnerable groups.

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