The social capital was built during the implementation of this action by organizing lecture, donation collection and delivery of ad hoc services, and represents a base of 18 active volunteers who in just few months collected and redistributed 377 different products (which would otherwise become waste) to 19 families in need and provided 12 ad hoc services such as lawn moving (6), hedge cutting (1) or transportation for donations pick up (5). Social capital’s attribution is also new space called InLove Gradec that has been renewed and where people can leave things that are still useful, or take it if they are in need of such things. Capital in sense of project continuation has a continuation character and all the registered volunteers are interested to be a part of the ZaVoli Gradec Platform, even after the project financing is terminated, by supporting families in need (mostly persons endangered by poverty, families with handicapped members, minorities). This action has developed and nourished a cooperation between CSOs and public administration with the purpose of supporting the final project beneficiaries.

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