In the “Children’s voice also counts” project, both pupils and adults are being prompted to volunteer because of active engagement in changing the reality which they live in. Through the treasure hide and seek game “Geochaching”, they have been applying their knowledge of using mobile devices for a particular task by dwelling in the nature at the same time. Through the workshops about tolerance and non-violent dealing with problems, problems that exist in our society have been drawn to their attention, same as the ways of handling them and ensuring that the community which the children live in becomes safer and more pleasant for all. By clearing and decorating the schoolyards and playgrounds with their own efforts, the children have gained the perception that they appreciate other people’s jobs more, and they look at the objects which are available for anyone’s use from different perspective,  same as raising the quality of spending the time in school environment. Through debates and talks about problems which children perceive in their environment,  and the suggestions about how they think those problems could be solved, they have been given the possibility that their voice counts, and  they can become aware of their ability to influence the changes themselves. By encouraging parents, school employees, and adults in general to contribute in changes for the better in the world they live in, children are also encouraged to volunteer and learn to appreciate that kind of activity in society.

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