In 2015, the Centre for Peace – Osijek awarded for the first time the Peacebuilding School Recognition. The concept of peacebuilding provides a common framework for the various activities and programmes that schools implement – in addition to the elements of peace and civic education, they also develop procedures and structures for the prevention of violence and for peaceful conflict resolution, and encourage and support the engagement of their pupils in the local community.
The Recognition was awarded to the School of Economics and Tourism Daruvar. Besides a Recognition, the school was also awarded with an educational study visit to Osijek, Vukovar and Dalj. A one-week study visit dealt with the following peacebuilding topics: nonviolent conflict management and mediation, young people in the community, religion and violence, animal welfare and sustainable development. Special attention was given to the topics of war sufferings and armed resistance in Vukovar, but also to the political and civil society contribution to peaceful reintegration of the Croatian Danube Region and the post-war building of interethnic trust. The final seminar – PEACE IS IN OUR HANDS – was also attended by the Mayor of the City of Osijek and Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.
Altogether 18 schools (12 primary and 6 secondary schools) from 13 counties were nominated for the 2015 Peacebuilding School Recognition. In addition, 6 secondary schools from Osijek have expressed their interest to join the Network of Peacebuilding Schools in order to cooperate, develop and advocate peace education in Croatia and at the EU level.