Goal of this project was to actively involve children and youth with behavioural problems in prevention of violence towards others and themselves, minimize discrimination and solving conflict situations on nonviolent ways. All of said is performed through techniques of Forum theatre and educative-experience workshops. Project is primarily focused for children aged 12-18 years old who have behavioural problems. Research shows that this group has higher chances to be victims of violence. Higher risk is a result of poor life circumstances starting with negative problematic family dynamics, marginalization in society etc. All the circumstances specially at young age, have final unavoidable result: identity crises and lot of personal questions. Those children mostly come from nonfunctional families which cant provide safe and supporting home. Those circumstances make them feel more insecure, low self esteem and capacity for responsible and proactive life.

  1. Forum story performances of Council “Luka Ritz” Forum group
  2. Follow ups – educative -experience workshops
  3. Making Forum group of children in residential institution and making their own stories
  4. Public performances of those stories in institution in front of other children and outside
  5. reprint of informative educative brochure “How to learn successfully?” and “Cyberbulling”
  6. Taking children to theatre

In the project „Who isn’t in, participates“ during 9 months of implementation, there have been 7 forum performances and 9 educative experienced workshops: Respect differences, Unfair authority, Sexual harassment, Relationship violence, Internet violence, Peer pressure, Family violence/ addictions. By using participatory, active, creative and interactive drama pedagogical work which was continued with educative experienced workshops, participants were encouraged to participate, acting and finding solutions in non violent way. On that way they were strengthened, making higher their civil competences, self-respect and social skills which contributes to primary and secondary prevention of violence among children and youth. What is more,   forum workshop for members in which they made their own forum story about problems and difficulties they have and they had was carried out in front of audience (Residential for children and youth with behavioral problems). In order to better structure their free time, participants have visited 9 plays in theater and thus included in cultural life and wider community.

Given the sensitive nature of the participants, no pictures are available online.

A preview of the forum theatre method – national broadcast