During the implementation of this project, more than 30 participants in the workshop were educated in the field of comic-book drawing techkniques and in the domain of hate speech, tolerance, multiculturality and violence towards women. Posters, stickers and comic books which deal with the mentioned topics were produced during the workshop. Around 20 selected works were presented to the public – during the exhibition, which was visited by more than 500 hundred people during the period of one month. The visitors were mostly young people who were informed on the mentioned topics in this manner. Posters and stickers were distributed during the exhibition and during other events organized by Info zone, together with the exhibition catalogue and were seen by more than 400 young people. During the project, 100 copies of the manual were printed. The manual is intended for youth workers and want to use comic-book medium as a tool in increasing the interest of youth in the topics related to fighting hate speech, development of tolerance and multiculturality and combatting violence towards women. The workshop is described with detail on more than 80 pages, which enables other youth workers to implement an identical or similar workshop regardless of their previous experience. During the promotion of the manual – in Split, Šibenik, Kaštela and Dubrovnik – approximately 30 youth workers were directly introduced to this innovative model of youth work.

The created promotive materials sent a message to more than 500 people during the implementation phase and it is planned for the materials to remain visible to the public for as long as possible – primarily on locations attractive to young people. It has already been arranged for the exhibition (around 20 selected works created during workshops) to visit other places in order to increase awareness on tolerance, multiculturality, problematics of hate speech and violence towards women even more. The participants will apply knowledge and skills acquired on the workshop in their every-day life, and will act accordingly to what they learned. They are motivated to continue to participate in similar events, as well. By creating an educative manual for youth workers who want to use comic books to increase interest of youth in the mentioned topics, an opportunity for the same or similar workshops was created, to be conducted in other places. During the promotion of the manual, some preliminary contacts for potential collaboration on similar projects were made.