In the beginning of the project, capacity building seminar for working with fathers, based on Manual P methodology, was held for 33 professionals and by the end of the project Manual P was translated, printed and distributed. Through 5 cycles of workshops 164 beneficiaries were included (64% male and 36% female) – from which 38% of them were members of Roma minority. Workshops were being held with Roma fathers (Kuršanec, Macinec), young couples (Prelog), group of treated alcoholics (Čakovec) and adolescents – members of ‘Be a Man Club’ (Čakovec). During the implementation of project activities, 45 experts (i.e. volunteers) were involved (from 17 institutions), from which 34 of them as educators.
In parallel with the implementation of the workshops, campaign was run to raise awareness about the importance of involvement of fathers in childcare in order to promote values of gender equality and non-violence – on Facebook page MenCare Croatia, through public actions in Međimurje county and the recorded video-story.
At the end the conference was organized where results of project implementation and external evaluation were presented.