In scope of the project the organization has introduced a comprehensive system of support for victims of crime in 4 CSOs in area of ​​Dubrovnik-Neretva county, Požega-Slavonia county, Istria and Varaždin county. In these counties there was no form of support, and the victims were left to manage by themselves.

During and after the project implementation, 34 volunteers and 4 coordinator of volunteers from 4 CSOs provided emotional support, information on their legal rights to citizens who found themselves in the role of victims and informed them about relevant institutions that can help. By introducing a system of comprehensive support in targeted counties, CSOs capacity have been strengthened with new services for citizens who are victims or witnesses. During project implementation we have increased the number of volunteers, and contributed to the empowerment of vulnerable groups in society. Through 4 implemented trainings of relevant stakeholders that deal with victims in their everyday work, we helped in the institutional strengthening of the comprehensive support system. Through media campaigns and other project activities we have successfully increased recognition and visibility of our organization and partner NGOs in local communities.