The aim of the project ˝Strengthening children, parents and professionals in the local community for child protection˝ was to educate all members of the local community Borovje (children, parents, teachers and professional service of the school) about bullying. The project was the extension of our preventive activities that we usually have in local community, operated by the Children’s House Borovje, Brave Phone´s program that is focused on direct work with children and parents aimed at preventing unacceptable behaviour in children.

The project has provided training for 16 teachers from primary school Borovje which have strengthened their skills and competencies to deal with bullying in their school. 40 students, 5th and 6th grade of primary school Borovje, participated in two performances of forum theatre, in which they talked about social discrimination and sexual harassment. In the group work, which consisted of 12 workshops, we included 9 boys from primary school Borovje because they needed empowerment and strengthening of pro-social behaviour. Also, we included their parents in the group work. The program of work with children and parents is pre-designed and led by the team of Brave phone´s experts. Also, in Children’s House Borovje during project implementation we had 16 preventive workshops which were attended by 140 children and individual help in learning which was attended by 52 children. During the winter and summer holidays we had creative workshop with kids. Within the project educational materials were printed and distributed.