Through the project “Reporters of better society” 200 children and young people have taken part in different activities (workshops, lessons, initiatives, actions, filming emissions) which have provided them with knowledge of civil education. Ten educational TV shows were filmed through the project between November 2015 and July 2016. During this time these shows were aired in program on the Television of Slavonija and Baranja, around 50 educational workshops were held on the subject of: fight against violence, suppression of hateful speech, children rights with an emphasis on the right to education and public advocacy, multiculturalism and tolerance, minority rights, media literacy, free time for children and young people, activism for children and young people, entrepreneurship and social responsibilities as well as ecology and sustainable development in which 20 teenagers have attained skills related to advocating democratic values,critical thinking, public performances and active contributions to society. Experts in the fields of education, culture, local self-goverments, civil society and human rights were involved in the project as workshop conductors, teachers and spokesmen in TV shows through which collaborations with various stocks of social development have been realised. During the project, initiatives and actions were taken in the local community with which awareness of the importance of respecting human and children rights has been spread. Ten educational TV shows will be part of the manual to help teachers and others who contribute to activities for children and young people concerning civil education.