In order to increase interest in the public about children’s and human rights and the work of the Student Council we published 68 releases in the media directed to the general public and 69 releases directed to students, teachers and parents. We distributed 2,000 information leaflets for students and parents. We presented project to the Teachers Council of each school.

For the purpose of human rights education we organized 40 educational workshops for members of the Student Council, 30 meetings of the Student Council and 12 preparatory workshops. 68 students attended educational workshops. These students significantly improved their level of knowledge about the SWOT analysis, obligations, responsibilities and rights of members of the Student Council, human and children’s rights, communication, presentation and negotiation skills, debate, volunteering and organizing meetings. Students designed and implemented three actions for the common good. They informed other students about children’s and human rights and the rights and obligations of members of the Student Council. The project gave a significant contribution to the promotion of democratic values in the participating elementary schools. Members of Student Council and School representatives participated in the evaluation of the project.

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