Pre-school age children (3 – 6 years) in Vodnjan, mostly Roma, and partly Albanian and Bosniac, whose mother tongue is not Croatian took part in everyday six hours’ pre-scool workshop, educational visits and trips and gained better language competencies and developed other abilities and skills necessary for primary school which enables them to have equal starting positions as the children from the majority group and motivates them for further schooling. In Socializing with peers from other kindergartens through joint games and activities better conditions are made for getting to know each other, better understanding and a more tolerant coexistence of the minority and majority ethnic groups.

The main objective of the project was achieved: it was planned to create equal pre-school opportunities for children living in Vodnjan, and to develop the tolerance and multi-cultural understanding among different ethnic groups.

The results will be sustained through children’s better Croatian language proficiency, through their continuation of formal education either in Croatia or in the Western Europe, through their prolonged education (they will more frequently choose to continue with the secondary school education), they will do their homework and schoolwork more regularly, and they will have better chances for employment in the future.