Through published bi-weekly reports, project got an annual review of war crimes, hate crimes, discrimination trials and dealing with the past processes in the RoC. These reports constitute archive collection fit for further analysis. Special reports related to the judiciary development strategy, hate crimes, cases of discrimination and prosecution of terrorist acts in 1990’s have also been published, as well as the annual report on monitoring war crimes in 2015, with recommendations. Within the project a workshop was held for the judiciary on the suppression and prosecution of hate crimes in which all participants deepened their knowledge at a theoretical level as well as at a practical one through discussion and presentation of case law in Bosnia and Poland, compared to the ECHR cases against Croatia. Indisputable result of activities is to be shown through the adoption of requirements of victims of sexual abuse pursuant to the Act on the Rights of Victims of Sexual Violence during the Military Aggression. Hopefully, these strategic cases, as well as public statements will contribute to a better implementation of the law that will contribute to the protection of human right through positive decisions of the judiciary and administrative authorities.

The sustainability of project is focused on the improvement of public policies related to human rights, capacity building of judiciary and jurisprudence in cases of human right violations, on change related to government policies concerning compensation of victims and development of culture of respect for human rights and tolerance in society.