With the implementation of the project, the level of knowledge and skills of the CPI and other CSOs in Istria was raised in order to establish better influence on the political decision-making process. A dialogue was opened and cooperation with local governments established on the introduction of civic education in schools in Istria. Through active participation in the political discourse, the visibility of the CPI was significantly increased, and also the influence on the political processes in the County of Istria, by advocating the principles of good governance. Through the imposition of issues to the public, a step was made in the direction of more transparent financing of CSOs by public authorities through the development of transparent and clear procedures and criteria, and also by strengthening the Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development through transparent and inclusive election management bodies and the inclusion of CSOs in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the operation and development of the Foundation. Civil Platform of Istria has, through the implementation of the project, become a relevant stakeholder in the society and a support to other civil society organisations.