Four public campaigns that have contributed to promoting and raising awareness of the importance of human rights and improving democratic values were implemented through the project. Campaigns have addressed the issues of the discursive return of government of Serbia and Croatia in the nineties, the international day against fascism, a petition for an apology to victims of Operation Storm and violation of the constitution of Croatia. Through the implementation of the project, YIHR has established three new networks involving young people, civil society organizations and local self-government: Coalition for inclusion of Croatia into Regional Youth Cooperation Office, the Student Union and the Network of Cities and CSOs. Within these networks consultation process was implemented and they included more than 30 NGOs and more than 50 young people which strengthen advocacy for political decisions like Croatia to join RYCO, the RECOM process and the promotion of human rights at the local level. YIHR has improved human rights monitoring methodology and designed and published 5 reports on the situation of human rights in Croatia, which included recommendations for legislation and political practices modification in order to improve the status of vulnerable groups.

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