Goal of the project: to advocate for the rights of children without parental care to family life and position ADOPTA as resource in policy development related to children.

Target group: Children without family care, particularly Roma, over 6 yeas of age, children with developmental or health related difficulty.


1. Advocacy campaign on rights of children on family life and a need for a systematic change to improve adoption of „difficult to adopt“ children,

2. Strengthening and positioning ADOPTA as a resource in development and monitoring of public policies on children.


  • identified obstacles to adoption of „difficult to adopt children“

  • mapping of available support services

  • advocacy campaign on International adoption day (activities through all November)

  • Action plan/recommendations for supporting adoption of difficult to adopt children developed through multi-stakeholder cooperation,

  • ADOPTA increased competencies for advocacy.

Benefits for groups:

  • children without parental care who are considered to be in „difficult to adopt“ category

  • potential adoptive parents

  • adoptive families

Different beneficiaries participated in research, as guests on Conference, users of a infoMAP, employees, participants on Congress, experts workshop, information sharing, advocacy activities (for example: adoptive parents of „difficult to adopt“ children shared their experience with potential adoptive parents).