The project strengthened the cooperation and exchange of experience between partners engaged in education for human rights and democratization. 5 extensive educational curricula were developed and 4 were implemented. The experience of public and institutional advocacy, as well as activist actions in fields of human rights, democracy, youth rights and volunteering from partners engaged in project was articulated as an integrated part of our educational programs. Programs were attended by 96 participants, and more than 500 participants took part in one-time activities or as indirect participants Promo materials and a publication “Peace studies: key concepts” were produced. The cooperation between partners has strengthened the Institution for adult education for peace and civic engagement Mirta and established a strategic partnership for future work. The institution has developed a strategic plan, governing council and a director. All the positions are volunteer, but actions taken in previous period ensure the fulfilment of legal conditions for program verification and fundraising through lifelong learning funds. These actions have paved the ground for sustainability of the programs.