The project Philanthropy for Human Rights through a wide variety of educations, public meetings, public consultations, publications and film programmes, three pilot crowdfunding campaigns and the establishment of organizational and communication infrastructure of the new foundation SOLIDARNA managed to increase the understanding of the problems of development of philanthropy in Croatia aimed at the protection of human rights, but also start a new practice of mobilizing private sector resources for the protection of human rights (through collaborative donor campaigns and action plans of individual organizations. During the project there have been 18 education and 19 public meetings organized and directly trained 256 active members of civil society organizations, 80 representatives of the business sector and 46 journalists, a total of informational materials on the importance and practice of human rights in the business sector reach even 6,461 managers and companies. The most important result of the project is the operationalization of SOLIDARNA- the first domestic private foundation for human rights and solidarity, which has in the first year of its existence managed to collect 230,000 Kn of donations of citizens and the business sector, to create a primary supporters and their campaigns and cooperation with the business sector to become recognizable in the public as a new channel for the mobilization of resources for progressive social actions that contribute to the quality of human rights protection, but also for their affirmation in the public discourse.